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I was asked after going into the exam room to undress from the waist down and cover with a paper sheet. When the doctor came in I was asked to lay on my left side with my knees toward my chest. The doctor did a quick but thorough rectal exam that made me feel like I had to poop. After that I felt the sigmoidoscope go in and felt like I was being blown up with air. I could feel it moving around. The weirdest was right before it was removed I could feel it move and look back at the anal opening. It wasn't a bad experience at all. the worst was the anoscope exam I had at my doctors office and his very long and thorough prostate exam. I felt like I had to pee during that one.

"I went to the doctor for a hemorrhoid discussion and he suggested a rectal exam since I had never had one.
I was somewhat embarrassed because I was on a tilt table for several minutes and completely exposed before the doctor came in to do the exam. As I am older now it is no longer a big deal! I was 27 at the time.
I was told to kneel on the exam table and then it was tilted until my rear end was the tallest thing in the room. When the doctor came in he showed me the scope which was about 18 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter. It was somewhat uncomfortable but not painful. I had some cramping when the probe reached the end of my colon where the large intestine begins. At that point the doctor removed the scope and I had no more discomfort."

"I undressed...I was instructed to roll over, then the doctor instructed me to lay on my belly and spread my legs while he stuck his finger deep inside of my bottom.  With his other hand, he mashed around on the top of my hips and lower back. His male nurse spread my buttocks apart and the doctor shined a lighted instrument inside of my rectum. Next, another hand held instrument was stuck inside of my bottom. Again a light was positioned for a full view of my rectum. The doctor then had me get up on my hands and knees.  I asked questions, but he was older and did not like my questioning him. He gave the orders and I was expected to do them.

I was tense and reluctant to arch my back. He then instructed me to "stick bottom out and up and spread my legs apart." I did and then he performed another rectal exam followed by inserting a long rigid instrument into my behind. He the other male nurse seemed focused. I thought he inserted the instrument too far, but I didn't ask. Other doctors came into the room and looked as well. When the exam was over I was instructed to lie on my belly again and each of the resident doctors performed a rectal exam on me. It was humiliating."

"I received my first ever digital rectal exams in the regular exam room. He inserted his finger with me bent over the table and then laying on my left side. That was pretty uncomfortable as a whole, but when he took his finger out the second time I thought we were done. I was led, still naked, to the procedure room. In the procedure room was a proctoscope table. I was secured to the proctoscope table with my butt up in the air. The doctor told me that the next half hour or so would be very uncomfortable. That may have been the understatement of the 1960's. I received another digital rectal exam, this time with the added twist of a second finger entering me. He told my mother that he needed to stretch me a little because I was "so tight back there." The nurse held my butt crack open as he inserted the rigid scope. In my entire life before and since, I have never felt anything that uncomfortable. And it wasn't just a quick in and out. He spent a good fifteen minutes inside of me. At 13.5, he only used a rectal speculum on me, but at 14.5 I got the full rigid scope again. My male friends who went to the same doctor all share the same horror story of the rigid scope by 13."

"After meeting with the proctologist in his office, he escorted me into a large exam room. He told me to remove my pants and undershorts and place them on a nearby chair. Next he had me kneel on a little shelf of the exam table and told me to bend at my waist at a 90 degree angle. U was glad that he did not have a nurse come into the room to assist him. The proctologist pressed a button on the side of the exam table which caused my head to go down while my legs and bottom went up in the air. There was a pillow so my head would not be uncomfortable. Next he put on a rubber glove and I felt him spread my buttocks apart while he smeared some kind of lubricant on my anus. Then he pushed his index finger into my rectum and did a thorough rectal exam feeling all the walls of my rectum. After a minute, he withdrew his finger. Next I felt a cold metal instrument placed against my anus and he said that he was ready to insert the proctoscope. It felt quite uncomfortable as he gradually slid into my rectum all the length of the scope. I felt him put some puffs of air into my rectum to help him visualize the rectal walls. This caused some mild cramping in my lower bowel. As he slowly pulled the instrument backward, he carefully viewed the walls of the rectum. After several minutes he withdrew the scope, wiped my anal area with tissue and then returned the exam table to the original position. He instructed me to get dressed and then return to his office. He advised me that he could not detect any abnormalities during the exam but felt that I should have further testing done. He called a nearby radiology center and scheduled an appointment for me to go have a barium enema that afternoon."

"Once I got into position, the doctor did a pretty thorough rectal exam. He inserted a very lubricated finger into my rectum and felt all around while he was lubricating me. He then removed his finger and placed the scope at the opening to my anus and asked me to bear down and he slowly inserted the scope. It felt like it took a long time for him to finally get the scope into place and then he removed the inner piece and checked to make sure everything looked ok, which it did. He then replaced the inner piece and slowly removed the scope. Then the nurse used a wipe to clean me up and I was told I everything was fine and I could get dressed."
"After removing my clothing below my waist, the doctor had me kneel on the ledge at the bottom of the exam table and then bend my upper torso over with my head resting against a padded head board. He proceeded to manually operate the table so that it tilted with my head going down and my bottom going up in the air where he had easier access to perform the exam. First he performed at digital rectal exam maneuvering his right index finger around in my rectum to feel all the walls. Next I felt a lubricated metal object placed against my anus which he slowly pushed into my rectum until it was in all the way. The doctor removed the center part of the scope and used a light to view the length of my rectum. I heard him squeezing a rubber bulb to put air into my rectum. He said this was to distend the rectum so that he could have a better view. The scope felt quite uncomfortable and the pumped-in air made me feel as though I had some cramping in my lower bowel. He spent several minutes maneuvering the scope around to various places in my rectum but finally withdrew the instrument. He wiped off the excess lubricant around my anus with some tissue, returned the table to the original position and told me to get dressed again. Then I met with him in his office to discuss the results of his findings from the photocope exam."

"I have suffered from idiopathic chronic constipation since I was born. At age 8 my mother decided to take me to a proctologist to find out why I could not have a normal bowel movement. On the morning of the exam my mother forced me to do an enema before I went to school. At that time I did not know I was going to visit a proctologist that day. After being in school for half the morning I was called to the office to go with my mother to a doctor’s appointment. I was surprised because my mother did not tell me I had an appointment that day.

We drove a short distance down from my elementary school to the hospital complex nearby. After taking the elevator up to the floor where we were going to, I quickly realized what was up when we got to the door that said Colorectal Surgery. After a short wait in the waiting room my mom and I were called back and set in an office. Shortly later a grey haired man walked in and introduced himself as Dr. Pierce. While in the office the doctor asked my mother several questions and then turned to me and asked me why I could not poop. I remember shrugging my shoulders and saying I do not know. After the interview in the office the doctor told me that he was going to look at my bottom and then called a nurse to take us down to the exam room.

After a short walk down the hall we reach the exam room. Once entering the exam room I saw the big ominous proctoscope table standing in the middle of the room. The nurse reached into a cabinet and pulled out a gown. She directed me to the restroom and told me to take everything from my waist down off and put on the gown. Being a big kid I went into the restroom and did what I was told by taking everything off below my waist including my socks and then put the gown over my shirt. After changing I exited the restroom to find the nurse, the doctor, and a medical student chatting with my mother. The doctor instructed my mother to the head of the exam table and instructed me to the foot of the table with him. I can remember walking barefoot across the floor scared that I was getting germs from other peoples poop on the bottom of my bare feet. Once I got to the rear of the table the doctor gave me a boost up onto the kneeling shelf of the proctoscope table. He told me to bend over the table towards my mother. Shortly after that the table began to rise. I remember trying to scrunch down thinking he was going to ram my back into the overhead exam light.

Next the table tilted forward and I felt as if I was going to slide off, but could tell I was not going to. Next I felt the doctor open the back of the gown and expose my rear end. At this point I was EXTREMELY embarrassed.   At 8 years of age being on a proctoscope table with your bare butt, bare legs, and bare feet up in the air with 3 strangers’ back there looking at them is really embarrassing. The first part of the exam was not too bad. I felt a pressure in my bottom that I now know was the digital rectal exam. It was very quick and bearable. I thought the exam was over and told myself that it was not too bad, not knowing what was about to happen. Next, I remember the doctor telling my mother to hold me that the second part of the exam was going to be a little uncomfortable. I remember feeling my buttocks being spread apart and something cool pressing against my bottom. All of a sudden I felt a very sharp pain in my rear end and a discomfort that grew in intensity every second. I remember yelling ouch, ouch, ouch, and begging my mother to make them stop. My mother later told me that she started crying and asking the doctor if the scope he was using was too big. The doctor told my mother that the scope was fine for my age. I remember the doctor telling me that the scope is all the way in and that we are halfway done. At this point I was crying and in severe pain. Next the doctor started to withdraw the scope and I can remember feeling the discomfort lessen as the scope was coming out. The withdrawal of the scope seemed to take forever, but I now know that during the withdrawal is when the doctor examines the sigmoid colon and rectum. I can distinctly remember thinking about what my classmates were doing at school as I laid there on the proctoscope table with my bare butt, legs, and feet up in the air with a metal scope up in rear end.

After the doctor withdrew the scope I remember my rear end still hurting a lot like it was on fire. The doctor lowered the table and told me how good I did and how brave I was. Once the table was back down the doctor started to help me up. I asked if I could lay there a minute and rest because my rear end was on fire and hurting bad after the exam. My mother quickly chimed in and told me to get up and go get dressed. I hobbled over to the restroom and change back into my clothes. I changed back into my pants, underwear, socks, and shoes and exited the restroom to find my mother and the doctor talking about another exam I was going to have. A few weeks later I underwent a colonoscopy, which is a different story. As we left the doctor’s office my bottom was on fire. I asked my mother if I could skip school the rest of the day which she quickly said NO. I asked her what I was going to tell my classmates when they asked where I went, which they usually did. My mother told me to tell them I went to an eye doctor’s appointment. My biggest fear was that one of my classmates would notice I was hobbling because of the pain I had in my rear end. The discomfort lasted for a day or so and then went away. To this day I am thankful that my mother took me to see the proctologist to seek help. Even though it was embarrassing as a child to go through that, today it is no big deal when I have to undergo unpleasant exams."

"The nurse helped me get into the knee-chest position on the exam table. The doctor pushed the gown up exposing my bottom. Next he smeared some lubricant on my anus and then pushed his finger into my rectum doing a thorough rectal exam. After this was finished, I heard the nurse help the doctor get an instrument ready. Next the scope was placed against my anus and the doctor began inserting it into my rectum. This was much more uncomfortable than the DRE. After the scope was all the way in, he removed the center part of the scope which caused kind of a sucking sound when air entered my rectum. Using a light, the doctor viewed the walls of my rectum. Once he squeezed a rubber bulb to put more air into the rectum and causing it to distend so that he could get a better view. This was more painful when he did this. After several minutes, he slowly withdrew the scope. The nurse used tissue to wipe off the excess lubricant and then assisted me in getting down from the table. I went behind a screen and got dressed again. Then she took me to the physician's office where he went over the results of the procedure. The doctor referred me to a radiology center for a follow up barium enema."


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